ANADIAG ITALIA is able to perform post harvest tests under GEP, for a complete evaluation of the effects of different products such as Agrochemical products, Biostimulants, Fertilizers applied in the field or directly in post-harvest.

Quality Parameters

ANADIAG ITALIA can perform all the necessary quality parameters analysis on the yield with our internal labs.

On seeds (cereals, corn, rape, rice, soybean, sunflowers and mais silage)

High performance NIR technology:

  • Humidity
  • Gluten
  • Specific weight
  • Protein
  • Oil content
  • Starch
  • Zeleny
  • Hardness

Thousand grain Weight
Germinability Test
Dry matter content on hay

On Fruits and Vegetables

  • Sugar content
  • Color
  • Starch
  • pH
  • Caliber
  • Acidity
  • Firmness

Shelf Life

ANADIAG ITALIA has installed a modern experimental Cold Room Storage in their laboratories, that can replicate the different storage conditions for the different harvested products. In fact the possibility to control temperature, humidity and eventually atmosphere, it guarantees certain and reliable results and data of the experimental tests.
So, it is possible to precisely assess the shelf-life of the post-harvest fruits and vegetables, measuring or evaluating different parameters:
  • Fungus diseases and pests (such as Grey mould and many others)
  • physiological disequilibrium (such as Bitter Rot or Soft Scald on apple)
  • firmness
  • color
  • sugar content
  • acidity
  • weight loss
In fact, the shelf life is the result of various physical, chemical and microbiological processes triggered by a multitude of factors, such as the quality at the time of harvest, the moisture content and the acidity levels, the nutritional, the physiological and the phytosanitary profile of the crop in the field and also by the effects of PPP, fertilizers or biostimulants used during the cultivation and in post-harvest.

Processing and Taint test on flavour

Processing studies are essential for monitoring remaining residues (parent compound or metabolites) in processed commodities, and to detect a potential alteration in the taste or appearance of processed food.

ANADIAG ITALIA with ANADIAG NETWORK carry out food processing studies, using semi-industrial or domestic procedures and according to EPPO Guidelines.

After processing studies, an experienced team carries out taint test studies, in accordance with ISO 4120 (AFNOR Standard) and under GEP recognition.

ANADIAG ITALIA with ANADIAG NETWORK technical support, can perform studies on: grapes, pomes & stone fruits, tomatoes, citrus, olives, alfalfa, potatoes, strawberry, oilseed rape, sunflower, cabbage.


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