ANADIAG ITALIA and ANADIAG NETWORK  have more than 15 years’ experience in management and monitoring of natural product registration studies in all Europe. They are part of IBMA Italia and IBMA International since many years and have followed ABIM since the very first editions.

Our approach

Field efficacy trials in GEP with experience on building specific protocols in function of the target, crop and kind of product.
The trials are carried out by local technicians, they have specific experience on bio-solutions, deep knowledge of crops, pests and IPM approach in their own territories.


  • Efficacy screening & growth chamber trials.
  • Cooperation with University and Official Institute on first screening steps on bioprotection products.

Positioning trials and DEMO trials with IPM approach

European projects

  • EU Program definition (GAP harmonization, EU countries selection, Trial plan design)
  • Feasibility and cost estimation,
  • Project management, and experienced team to define protocols, coordinate and follow-up your trial program in all Europe through a large European field station network GEP & GLP (more than 60 field experimentation stations in all the key agricultural EU regions).

Regulatory service & advice
Following the 1107/2009, 2009/128/EC regulations we can provide you all the regulatory support needed:

  • Registration Dossier: Annex II & III
  • Biological Assessment Dossier
  • Data GAP Analysis

Bioprotection products tested

Anadiag Italia has experience in the main categories of bioprotection products:
  • Macro-organism
  • Micro-organism
  • Plant extract
  • Semiochemicals (pherormones)

Anadiag Italia has experience in the main categories of bioprotection products:

Macro-organism  –  Micro-organism  –  Plant extract  –  Semiochemicals (pherormones)

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