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Strada Savonesa n.9 Fraz. Rivalta Scrivia, 15057 Tortona (AL)
Tel +39 0131 87 29 07
P.IVA IT01912190061
Test Facility North  Est Italy
Via Lestizza n. 40
33030 Talmassons (UD)
Test Facility South Italy
Contrada Laghezza
70043 Monopoli (BA)

Work with us

ANADIAG ITALIA give the opportunity, for young graduates or undergraduates, to conduct specific training or stage relating to projects that can be developed in collaboration with Universities and Institutes, in Italy or into the ANADIAG NETWORK.
In addition, ANADIAG ITALIA is looking for qualified personnel with Agricultural Science Degree or equivalent, for collaborations at different level. The potential tasks concern the duties of Assistant of Principal Investigator for field phase and the Study Director Assistant for the analysis of data and compilation of the dossiers.
ANADIAG ITALIA pick out motivated people with aptitude to work in a team and with a wide flexibility. It is also appreciate good knowledge about crop protection, English language and computer skills.
To know which role we are looking for at the moment, send your curriculum vitae, with a covering letter, to the e-mail address:


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