ANADIAG ITALIA is the first CRO in Italy to carry out trials in controlled conditions with Growth Chamber specifically designed and realized for the specific scopes.

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Screening and efficacy Tests on Biostimulants to evaluate efficacy against abiotic stresses (drought stress, salinity, heat and frost) and the development of roots and canopy.

Demifield fungicide trials in GEP and screening following the specific EPPO guidelines to evaluate the efficacy against different soil borne fungus, artificially inoculated (such as Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Sclerotinia, Phytophtora, Microdocmium,….).

Efficacy and selectivity Tests in GEP of seed treatment (insecticides, biocompounds, fungicides, micro-organism and biostimulants).

Varietal tests for the evaluation of specific resistance to different pathologies.
Test on weeds to evaluate efficacy and/or resistance of herbicides on different weed species.


Temperature, light intensity, humidity, photoperiod, thermoperiod adaptable to every experimental needs.
Active control 24H of the climatic conditions, to ensure a perfect control of the plants and trials conditions.
Foto and video camera to follow the development of the plants, stresses and diseases, visible in real time on pc, tablet and smartphone.
Automatic irrigation system.

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